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In the United States, over 70% of adults experience self-consciousness regarding their teeth. A primary concern among them is the appearance of crookedness, which can lead to a visibly uneven smile. In the past, the only option was traditional metal braces, which were not only highly noticeable but also often uncomfortable. This is where Invisalign tips can be useful.

Thanks to modern advancements, Invisalign has emerged as a nearly invisible teeth-straightening solution that is more comfortable than traditional braces.

Are you considering this minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry option? Here are 5 essential Invisalign tips to help you make the most of your treatment.

Be consistent

The secret to successful teeth straightening lies in maintaining consistency.

Unlike traditional braces, which must be worn constantly, Invisalign’s aligner trays offer the flexibility to wear or remove them as desired.

However, this freedom can lead to patients not wearing their aligners as much as required. It’s important to note: for optimal results, aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours per day.

To ensure consistency, approach Invisalign as if they were regular braces. Remove them only for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, and flossing. By adhering to these guidelines, achieving consistency should be a breeze.

Take the case

Your aligners come with a case designed for easy removal whenever necessary. To maintain consistency in your aligner usage, make sure to always carry the case with you.

It’s not uncommon for people to forget their cases, wrap their aligners in a tissue, and set them aside while eating or drinking. Unfortunately, by the end of the meal, they often forget about the aligners and accidentally discard them. This mistake is not only expensive but also delays progress, as they’ll need to wait for a replacement.

To avoid such incidents, always have your case with you. Opt for a brightly colored and easily noticeable case to ensure you don’t forget your aligner during meals.

Don’t throw out your old aligners

Perhaps there was just one instance when you forgot your aligner case, leading you to wrap up your aligner and inadvertently dispose of it after your meal. Now, you’re left without an aligner for teeth straightening.

In such situations, having an old aligner is better than none. Keep a previous aligner at home as a backup in case you accidentally throw away, lose, or break your current one. This way, you’ll have an aligner to wear while waiting for a replacement.

Although old aligners may not fit your teeth perfectly, they can still prevent your teeth from shifting and reversing the progress you’ve made with Invisalign.

Keep them clean

Invisalign aligners are worn almost 24 hours a day and can accumulate buildup similar to your teeth. To prevent discoloration and plaque, clean them regularly using dentist-recommended products or antibacterial soap with warm water. Avoid using hot water, as it may warp the aligners, and refrain from using toothpaste, as its abrasiveness can scratch the aligners. Ensure thorough cleaning to avoid any lingering taste of cleaning products.


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