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If you’re self-conscious about your smile, consider Invisalign as a less intrusive alternative to braces. These clear trays help straighten teeth discreetly. Before starting treatment, prepare a few questions to ask your dentist.

How long do i have to wear my aligners?

Concerns about wearing clear aligners shouldn’t worry you, as treatment duration is typically shorter than braces, averaging 8-10 months. Some dentists offer accelerated Invisalign programs for faster results. Treatment length varies depending on misalignment severity. Consult with your dentist for an estimated timeline.

What are the benefits?

Invisalign offers the advantage of being nearly invisible, in contrast to traditional metal braces. As long as the clear aligners are well-maintained, they remain inconspicuous. To keep them clean, remove them before consuming anything other than water. Foods and colored drinks like tea and coffee can stain the aligners, causing your teeth to appear dirty or yellow. Additionally, hot liquids may distort the plastic aligners, rendering them useless.

Is the process long?

Your journey begins with an initial appointment to discuss your case. Once you make the first payment, dental scans will be sent to the manufacturer to create your custom trays. On average, it takes about two weeks for production.

Potential shipping delays and other factors may result in a few weeks before your first trays are fitted. Depending on your schedule’s flexibility, you might be able to have your fitting immediately upon their arrival.

Maintain your regular dental appointments alongside your Invisalign check-ups. Your dentist will guide you on proper oral hygiene during the treatment process.

How often do i have to wear them?

Wearing aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day may seem simple, but remembering to reinsert them after eating and drinking is crucial. Forgetting can lead to missed hours of wear time.

To avoid forgetting, keep a case for the trays close by during meals or at restaurants, as using a paper towel to wrap them might not be a helpful reminder. Some individuals find it easier to achieve the 22-hour goal by reducing daily snacking. This also minimizes the frequency of brushing and cleaning. Ensure you maintain a proper nutrition plan while adhering to the required aligner wear time.



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